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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

OCRFM was authorized to accept EBT cards for SNAP benefits in 2011. It is important that all community members have access to fresh local foods that are affordable. By accepting SNAP benefits at market along with Senior Coupons and Double Up Food Bucks, OCRFM is increasing the accessibility to local fresh foods. Customers wishing to shop with their SNAP benefits can simply stop by the information booth and request the amount they'd like to spend and receive tokens as a market currency to spend with vendors. This program was made possible through grants from the Department of Economic Development and the Department of Agriculture. To learn more about SNAP visit


Up to $10 for fresh, local produce for SNAP customers every week!


The SNAP! Market Match allows customers with SNAP/EBT (food stamp cards) to get up to $10 in free tokens to spend at Old Cheney Road Farmers' Markets, including our Holiday Harvest Farmers Markets. SNAP tokens can be used to purchase fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, cheese, breads, honey, jams and sauces, and edible and fruit-bearing plants and seeds. The tokens can be spent just like at the grocery store, only your purchases go directly to a local farmer!

How It Works

1.  Go to the information booth at the market.

2.  Swipe your EBT card for the amount you would like deducted from your account.

3.  Get a free $1 token for every token you buy, up to $10 each week.

4.  Receive $1 tokens to purchase food from vendors at market.