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Greenglade Goat Milk Specialties

Greenglade Goat Milk Specialties was incorporated by the State of Nebraska in 2006. Our cheese production facility began operating in 2008 at the site of the dairy, located just south of Lincoln, NE. With this on-place facility, we enlarged our product varieties, while continuing our traditional "hand-ladling" method of creating fine artisanal goat cheeses.

Greenglade Goat Cheeses have the purity, good flavor, and rich taste that our own goat milk provides, enhancing the natural health benefits derived from goat milk. We use no hormones or chemical additives, feed leafy green alfalfa, seasonal pasture, and special grain mixes, including natural seaweed (kelp) and vitamins. We operate under the principle that good cheese comes from good milk, thus everything that we do for the health and care of our goats is reflected in the excellent qualities and flavor of our cheese.

Diana McCown / (402)792-2779