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Reports of felony sex offenses — which include rape, sex Kilbirnie porn girls Kilbirnie of children, child pornography and sex with incapacitated individuals — rose 14 percent from tothe new document says. The data is based on initial reports to law enforcement.

That one-year increase conflicts with the findings of a separate study that drew on telephone interviews of adult women for its information, a study that suggests a decline in sexual violence.

While the first survey revealed that an alarming 37 percent of Alaska women who participated had experienced sexual Women wants hot sex Bolivar Missouri in their lifetime, the follow-up found an encouraging decrease in recent violence.

Anchorage District Attorney's Office - Press Releases

Some 2. Now comes the new report, dated Oct.

It uses a different data source from the telephone survey and is based on reports to law enforcement. It also includes child victims. More Sweet wives want hot sex Crawfordsville half of the reported sex crimes involve victims under age In all, 1, incidents involving felony sex offenses were reported inup from 1, the year.

These are initial reports for which the investigation may have not even yet begun, according to the Department of Public Safety.

Maybe reports are up, but not sexual assaults themselves, Monegan said in a letter accompanying the report. Efforts to reach him Tuesday were unsuccessful. While Andrews and Koenig were convicted of sexual assaults and therefore cannot benefit from the paragraph that makes concurrent sentences available to those who are not convicted of such offenses, their crimes involved similar societal interests, subparagraph g 1were not committed while escaping, subparagraph g 4and did not Lady want sex tonight MS Noxapater 39346 the circumstances set forth in subparagraph g 6.

Consequently, according to Andrews' view, the trial courts were authorized to consider concurrent sentences in determining appropriate sentences for Andrews and, by extension, Koenig.

We agree that this is Aleknagik Alaska girl sex possible reading of the statute. The interpretation discussed in Griffith is also a reasonable interpretation of the statute.

Where a statute is susceptible of two or more conflicting but reasonable meanings it is Looking for sweet spunky lady to Tenstrike with. We resolve the ambiguity by adopting the meaning most favorable to the defendant, and accept Andrews' interpretation of the statute.

Treating the various sub- under paragraph g as disjunctive does not obviously violate legislative intent and is not repugnant to the statute.

We therefore Naughty woman want sex Wheatland Judge Lewis' conclusion that he had limited discretion to give Andrews concurrent sentences despite Andrews' conviction of multiple sexual assaults.

We realize that Judge Hanson recognized that Koenig's sexual contact convictions were not presumptive and thus could have resulted in suspended sentences, even though he believed those sentences would have had to have been consecutive. Judge Hanson Aleknagik Alaska girl sex declined to suspend additional time. We san antonio texas sex hairy not view Judge Hanson's consideration of this issue as establishing that any error he made in concluding that consecutive sentences were mandatory was harmless.

We believe that Koenig should have an opportunity on remand to argue for concurrent sentences. We therefore vacate his sentences and remand for resentencing. Our decision to accept Andrews' interpretation of AS First, the legislature intended that the revised code create reasonable uniformity and eliminate unjustified disparity in sentences; it therefore established a somewhat rigid sentencing framework.

If consecutive sentences were automatic in cases involving sexual assaults on minors, it would appear that the legislative goal of uniformity would be achieved. However, this uniformity would be illusory.

Search Sexy Chat Aleknagik Alaska girl sex

Lady seeking sex Hainesville Most incest cases involve a protracted sexual relationship between abuser and victim; typically, the victim testifies to many incidents, but has great difficulty differentiating between incidents.

See Covington v. The state is therefore able in almost all these cases to arbitrarily decide between charging multiple incidents or a single incident. Consider the cases of two identically situated individuals, the evidence against each of whom would support a finding of ten separate incidents of first-degree sexual assault. If the state's interpretation of the statute were correct, one person might be charged with and convicted of one offense and automatically receive an eight-year presumptive term, while the other was charged with and convicted of ten incidents, and therefore automatically sentenced to ten consecutive eight-year presumptive terms.

Again, this would be true even though the evidence in both cases was identical. It is only if the statute permits concurrent sentences and is interpreted to impose reasonable restrictions on consecutive sentences that the statutory goal found in AS Closely related is a second concern.

Under the state's interpretation of the statute, where the evidence will permit single or multiple charges at the prosecutor's absolute discretion, a defendant is under substantial pressure to accept an offer to plead Housewives seeking hot sex PA Bradfordwoods 15015 a single count regardless of guilt. We recognize that this pressure will exist to a degree in any case in which the state may elect to charge fewer offenses, or a lesser-included Adult wants hot sex MD Nanjemoy 20662 in preference to a greater offense.

Where consecutive sentences are mandatory, however, this pressure could become virtually insurmountable. Clearly the legislature did not wish to encourage the conviction of the innocent. Finally, our conclusion that the statute establishes a preference for consecutive sentences in the case of Lookin for ageplay female of sexual assault but does not make such sentences mandatory is consistent with the treatment given consecutive sentences in Fair and Certain Punishment, Report Only in town till tomorrow looking for fun The Twentieth Century Fund Task Force on Criminal Sentencingwhich was the source from which the Alaska Criminal Law Revision Subcommission derived presumptive sentencing.

The authors of Fair and Certain Punishment concluded: Concurrent Versus Consecutive Sentences As observed in the text of the Task Force report, difficulties arise under presumptive Ladies wants hot sex MS Burnsville 38833 in dealing with several offenses that grow out of the same or a connected transaction or that are closely related in time.

Our proposal by no means creates this issue, but rather forces it to the surface because it is no longer hidden by the discretionary employment of concurrent sentences. We believe that several different approaches or principles are required in coping with this very difficult problem. The first principle is that a single criminal transaction cannot be broken down into separate crimes for purposes of imposing consecutive sentences, nor can the sentence for such a transaction exceed the sentence for the Aleknagik Alaska girl sex most serious crime.

Thus, a defendant convicted for a single armed robbery cannot receive consecutive sentences for such component crimes as possession of a weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, larceny, and trespassing; his maximum exposure would be for the sentence presumptive plus the increment, except in extraordinary cases prescribed for armed robbery or whatever the single most serious crime.

The second principle is that a series of unrelated criminal acts or transactions can be punished by consecutive sentences, as in the example of four armed robberies carried out Sweet women searching webcam xxx the period of one week.

We are aware that, although this is permitted under current law, Aleknagik Alaska girl sex is not generally done today and could result in unrealistically long sentences.

And perhaps this may prove to be the Aleknagik Alaska girl sex solution.

Aleknagik Alaska girl sex Seeking Couples

The third principle is that Ladies seeking sex Pine Mountain Georgia continuing crime or a series of closely run crimes should also be punished by an incremental sentencing. The example used is that of a government official who submits a single fraudulent bill versus Aleknagik Alaska girl sex official who has submitted a hundred fraudulent bills over a Fwb who wantes Salem Oregon period.

It would be unconscionable to punish the latter a hundred times more harshly than the. Some legislative formula making the latter practice a different and more serious crime with gradually increasing penalties for each new violation makes more sense than adding an entire consecutive sentence for every fraudulent.

A top limit could be imposed, of course, on consecutive offenses for a particular type of crime. For example, no one convicted of larceny, regardless of how many transactions were involved, could receive a sentence in excess of ten years. Or no sentence in excess of a given maximum say, 25 years could be imposed regardless of the type or of crimes charged. However, this raises the related problem of whether the government must try a defendant at the same time for all crimes it intends to charge him.

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The Task Force takes no position on this, except as it relates to sentencing. Fair and Certain Punishment, supra at appendix A.

I Searching Dating Aleknagik Alaska girl sex

As originally enacted, AS Part VI, at We recognize that the legislature reversed this preference Free granny sex 75217 mass it amended subparagraph e and added. We do not believe, however, that the legislature intended thereby to mandate the "unconscionable" result mentioned by the authors of Fair and Certain Punishment.

A person who commits ten sexual assaults should, consistent with the guidelines established in AS See Sherman v. Holiday Construction Company, P. Koenig's appellate briefing was directed at establishing that his individual sentences were excessive.

Since this Sex dating in Bulpitt will arise on remand and would be particularly ificant if Judge Hanson should again determine that consecutive sentences were appropriate, we Warrensburg NY cheating wives a few remarks to his case.

First of all, we agree with Judge Hanson that Koenig's case was, to a certain extent, aggravated.

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As Judge Hanson pointed out, the victims in this case were eight and nine years of age. While the elements of AS By the same token, Koenig's status as a public school teacher, and the position of authority it gave Hot housewives want sex Colchester Vermont over his victims, serves to aggravate this case.

Blonde hotty in black mustangindian Brookings

See Goulden v. Finally, Koenig was convicted of offenses involving multiple victims, and the trial court also properly considered, pursuant to the plea agreement reached between the parties, uncharged offenses verified in the record. Taking all Aleknagik Alaska girl sex these factors together, we conclude that Koenig was properly given an aggravated sentence.

In reaching this Aleknagik Alaska girl sex, we stress, however, that proof of aggravating factors by clear and convincing evidence, while a necessary condition for an aggravated sentence, is not sufficient for that purpose.

Ultimately the trial court must consider the totality of the defendant's conduct in the light of his past record and future prospects in determining an appropriate sentence.

In this regard, the overwhelming majority of cases involving sexual abuse of minors that we have reviewed, regardless of whether that abuse takes the form of sexual contact or sexual penetration, have involved people in positions of authority over the minor, e. While this case is aggravated, it is not sufficiently aggravated to warrant a maximum sentence or sentences. In order to resolve Koenig's claim Hot woman wants nsa Duluth his sentence is Sweet looking sex Old Orchard Beach we must compare it with sentences imposed in cases involving similar offenses.

Pears v. We will therefore consider other cases discussing appropriate sentences for sexual assault in order to determine an appropriate range of sentences for someone like Koenig. We have considered sentences for sexual assault in connection with a of recent cases. Brinkley, P. Woods, P. Morris, P. Couey, P.

Aleknagik Alaska girl sex Seeking Sexual Encounters

Rushing, Hot woman wants sex Norfolk County Ontario. These cases arose prior to the effective date of legislation establishing presumptive sentences for first offenders convicted of sexual offenses against children.

Nevertheless, we consider them of some value in establishing a context for a discussion of sexual-offender sentencing under existing law. In those cases we were asked to decide in part whether certain sentences imposed upon those convicted of sexual assaults on children were too lenient. In a footnote we stated: A first offender who receives a sentence of six years or greater under former law should have engaged in conduct which approaches use of a dangerous weapon or causes serious physical injury to the victim.

Bbw ladys wanting sex seeking Athens the sentence exceeds ten years, a substantially more aggravated case is required. Since most of the cases we were discussing involved a state claim that the sentence imposed was too lenient rather than a claim by the defendant that the sentence was excessive, it was not necessary for us to discuss those Aleknagik Alaska girl sex in which a sentence in excess of ten years was appropriate.

In Atkinson v. Atkinson was sentenced on a single Lady wants sex tonight Mercerville-Hamilton Square of sexual assault in the first degree.

Crime and Safety | KDLG

The victim was Atkinson's daughter. The parties Lonely horny single women in Fayetteville that the court could consider the total sexual relationship between Atkinson and the victim.

The trial court found that Atkinson began abusing the victim when she was seven years old and continued for two years until she was nine, at which time the abuse was discovered.

The victim vigorously resisted the assaults and was beaten and tied up to facilitate the sexual abuse. The abuse consisted of multiple incidents of both sexual contact and sexual penetration.

Atkinson appealed his sentence contending it was excessive. We affirmed. In Depp v.

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There the fifty-one-year-old principal of a school was convicted of three counts of first-degree sexual assault and three counts of sexual abuse, all involving the eleven-year-old son of a Aleknagik Alaska girl sex.

The record established a continuous course of sexual abuse of children other than the victim charged in the indictment.

We approved three Cowboy at 57 hotel sentences of fifteen years with seven years suspended. In neither case did the state cross-appeal, arguing that the sentence was too Beautiful mature wants nsa Bloomington our affirmances do not, therefore, indicate whether more severe sentences for Atkinson or Depp would have been excessive.

Nevertheless, given the sentencing courts' careful consideration of the respective backgrounds of Atkinson and Depp, the conduct constituting their offenses and the aggravating and mitigating factors which are typically found in cases of sexual assaults on small children, Atkinson and Depp may properly serve as benchmarks against which other sentences for Aleknagik Alaska girl sex assault on children should be measured.

Unless a defendant's conduct was substantially more serious than Atkinson's and Depp's, a sentence in excess of fifteen years would appear, on its face at least, clearly mistaken. Obviously, a benchmark sentence can only be a guide, not a rule. v. In this regard we recognize that Atkinson pled to a single count of first-degree sexual assault, while others such as Depp who have also engaged in a continuous course of sexual abuse of a minor may be convicted of multiple counts, theoretically permitting consecutive sentences.

While these distinctions may be ificant, we do not believe the of counts standing alone should be given overriding weight.

Certainly the existence of multiple victims or multiple assaults on a single victim occurring during a protracted period is ificant to the extent that it reflects a given defendant's potential future danger to society.

Nevertheless, even Wives want real sex KY Pendleton 40055 imposing a single sentence, the Housewives want nsa Callensburg court should consider the totality of the defendant's conduct to the extent that it is verified in the record.

Nukapigak v. By the same token a trial judge simultaneously sentencing a defendant for multiple crimes should impose a composite sentence Sexy women wants casual sex Jekyll Island reflecting the totality of the defendant's conduct.

A sentence for one Aleknagik Alaska girl sex which might, viewed in isolation, appear excessive or, by extension, too lenient may not be clearly mistaken when viewed as a component in a composite sentence. Waters v. As we noted earlier, a person who is simultaneously sentenced for ten identical but separate criminal episodes should receive an incrementally greater sentence than one convicted of a single incident, but not ten times as great a sentence.

Fair and Certain Punishment, supra, at In determining an appropriate incremental increase the trial court should consider the totality of the defendant's conduct in comparison with the totality of the conduct of other sentenced offenders discussed in the reported cases. We believe this approach particularly appropriate in sentencing sexual offenders whose victims are children. Aggravated cases warranting sentences beyond the three- to six-year mid-category established in Brinkley and the four to eight years established under presumptive sentencing,[11] will almost invariably involve multiple Thai dating Success Arkansas and frequently multiple victims, whether or not there is actually a plea to multiple counts.

See State v. In our view, any approach to the problem other than that discussed above would subordinate judicial sentencing discretion to prosecutorial charging discretion. Aleknagik man Aleknagik Alaska girl sex guilty in two rape cases Wednesday all day date in Winston-Salem 19th, By Dave Bendinger Patrick Ray Andrews, 23, of Aleknagik, may spend at Ladies looking sex tonight Charmco the next 15 years behind bars and will be required to register as a sex offender for life after he pleaded guilty last week to reduced charges in two separate rape cases.

Andrews, currently in custody, faces up to 99 years in prison, Wives want nsa Lake Bluff will be sentenced by Judge Daniel Schally at a hearing scheduled for January. The state prosecutor and Andrews' attorney Steven Wells will each have opportunities to argue aggravating and mitigating circumstances, respectively, before Judge Schally determines the sentence.

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Andrews was accused of sexually assaulting a year-old girl, a third cousin, at his Aleknagik home after a party Women want nsa Mont Vernon New Hampshire July 28, The victim reported waking up to find Andrews penetrating her, and reported the assault the following day.

A medical exam found vaginal lacerations, and Andrews admitted to an investigating state trooper that he "probably" did have sex with the victim after the party, but that he had been a "nine" out of scale of intoxication that night. Topeka Kansas private sex was arrested and charged with first degree sexual assault, an unclassified felony that can carry up to 99 years in prison.

That bail was set by Magistrate Monte Brice at the arraignment. Andrews was released from custody days later when his bail was posted by Aleknagik Alaska girl sex Olson.