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I'm loan serena's on vacation and she should be getting Housewives wants hot sex OR Williams 97544 soon.

So I've had my Cup of coffee and I don't need anymore coffee but I wanted to just go through some of my first my favorites hold on one. Hey, guys. How are you hi good? I just wanted a live video.

I'll be want to be very long. Always happens that way they're like it's been Sex personals Leicester North Carolina quiet and I'm like. Oh I'll jump on real quick and then yeah, Hot fun girls in Ham Lake luckily it's Sexy seeking hot sex Salem you so it's okay.

I know you're okay with winston salem north carolina girl gets fucked. Sorry guys. So I'm Cute blonde watching Albany tuesday go right into some of my favorite pieces and they are Li made I I put a jacket on this is actually we have two of these left.

This is not new, but I was Super cold in the store this morning. I just couldn't get warm so I threw this one on, but the La made tops are just amazed. Great transitional pieces so there's this one and a little a little kind of reminds me of free people. I love love love the color. I don't know what you call like it's in the purple family, but I don't know if you guys can see the color coming.

This one has really great soft fabric the other one I'm loving. This it's kind of a cropped hoodie really soft and it is a play on tie dyed. I normally do not like tie dye, but this one is I think done really really. It's almost marbled.

Serena would be all over this one. They give you a little bit more length.

If you wanted to it's got the hoodie I tried on yesterday. I need a medium.

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The medium fit just fine loved it. Really really soft so that one came in and then, of course in true fashion camo, I did feature this one. The way I was trying to capture. Is we love detail and it's only on one sleeve, but it's Super cool. It's got those little stripes that go through and it's on the left sleeve. It's a no-brainer. Sexy wife want sex Honolulu go with jeans.

Yeah, they love it is actually blue and blue is just it's always just a hot color for me.

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It's like instead of black can always go with bloom and bloom black, you can do. It's gonna bring back your waist so it hides that you want and accentuate hydrate. This was the classic with a pair of White jeans. We had some really easy again, great Wife want sex tonight Tokio pieces and we also have ridiculed in some I'm gonna show those to the end we did get in some pieces if you're going on a vacation that could work now and then help you into any vacation for spring break is coming up.

I'm actually excited. I actually booked a trip for myself. So yay okay so wearables We love XTV miramar massage joondalup.

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This one came in it is at a lady was asking online. What color it is. Hopefully it's coming through it. More of a coral it is Hot girl number in manteca for free flattering on everybody.

It's gonna bring out those beautiful skin tones and the color and everybody's skin tone. This is just an easy piece. It has a little bit of separation of color at the bottom kinda like that Thermal ask influence but very a little bit more dressier and it's got that sleeve three -quarter sleeve that one came in and it also came in a putty color. I don't think I pulled that one when it comes in a pretty color. I want so much to this but a little bit more We got in some really cutting thread pieces common thread is Looking for someone cool in akron one of our faves cuz easy and it's probably one of the most affordable you'll see on our floor to which Cute blonde watching Albany tuesday love.

This little star stars are still in not going anywhere, and that's the color scheme that striped color scheme. That's very 70 influenced that you're gonna see and this one has the.

Cute blonde watching Albany tuesday

It is little destruction Wife want casual sex Elsa the bottom and on the top and on the sleeve this one is great. This one is just an easy fit. You're gonna see it really strong in the spring that 70 influence stripes great colors.

This is just an easy basic. I sold one already yesterday true to size cream great transitional like you. Wear it now, and then we're with cutoff Jean shorts in the spring and summer. This is like a tan White color blocking through.

I get a nice easy.

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I keep on saying it apply being Super redundant, but it's not going. Print With that 70 color influence it's on the top. It's a cream.

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It's a heavier a little bit heavier feel to it. It's Super soft The print the detail on the actual sweater itself is really Single caucasian man seeks asian lady cuz it goes vertical.

If you guys can see that if it's coming through, I tried it on. I loved it. I do have a picture that I'll be sending out with that one on. Loving that one and then this one came to and this one is the sleeve is a different material. It's more like a polyester blend and then this is more of a sweater cotton. Print Animal Print is Super hot and then it has the same detail on this on the bottom is on also on the Wives want nsa Kennedyville. It's really really pretty and that's the back just.

Simple and detail, but when you put it on, it's it's. Kinda dressier Okay, I loving this vibe I don't know if anybody remembers what was that move that show I used to watch the seller.

I can't think of the name of it. Can you see that so seventies early eighties? I'd love love love. It has a banded bottom Super flattering for everybody.

Jean you guys are so cute trying to avoid me so this one is obviously a little dressier. Cute blonde watching Albany tuesday would be perfect if you're going on a cruise if you're going to an all inclusive and they have a little dress, your nights, you can actually just wear it with a pair of jeans.

If you wanted to you don't have to wear it with dress pants. A pair of like really Find a Sex Date in Wailuku, HI flare jeans and I'm Super great point into heel. Elegant I'll give you length make you look just like spot on for so that one just came in and it's got that nice color, but they're pretty V-neck. That's flattering for everybody, especially if you're a large chest in put the button detail too, you can you can see the gold really really pretty okay.

So this is for some of you. Some of you out there that are Super petite. You could totally pull this off as a dress for those of you that are. You can pull it off as some of our tunic and you can totally wear it with shorts jeans cut off shorts.

I can put a flare Jean with it and you put a Adult singles dating in Carbon, Indiana (IN). over it now great piece for travelling going on a cruise. All inclusives. This is one of those pieces that you can Housewives wants real sex Keaton in your wardrobe. That's gonna take you. You can see the band right here and you can kinda play with where it hits.

It's got that little time in.

It's a black base which I love with floral. I'm gonna shoot floor person, but he put a black base to it.

It kinda neutralizes it. It doesn't make it so. Oh, hey, I'm wearing a lot of floral cuz florals are in you. You could still feel that seventies influence Women want sex Crowley the colors.

This one just came in.