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Barrie England gave some good examples of historical usages similar to mine, but David Schwartz did a good job explaining countable vs. So that left me struggling a bit; while I can see that drink can be contained in easily quantifiable units, I wasn't sure that necessarily had to be the case. I think it's helpful how you demonstrate that Anybody got love for a bbw can kind of skirt that line based on context.

It might also make sense in the days when bars generally refilled glasses, rather than gave you a fresh Pussy in tallahassee fl with each drink. You wouldn't say "can I have some ice cube".

Look at "sauce". This is both a countable noun and a mass noun in English.

You can have two sauces but also some sauce. But if you wanted a sauce a specific unit of sauce or several sauces, you wouldn't say "some sauce".

Similarly, if you want one drink or several drinks, you shouldn't say "some drink". We generally reserve "some" for uncountables some sand, some water or plurals some cars, some dishes. If you want to be silly, you can argue that you were using "some" as an emphatic and what you really wanted was an exceptional drink.

That's not to say it is incorrect or cannot be used. You just need a great degree of language skill.

See Barrie England's answer for some examples that read .