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The hospital was around the corner from the towering memorial to Jefferson Davis—a memorial topped by Vindicatrix, the symbol of virtuous white womanhood—a woman literally on a marble pedestal.

My paternal great-great grandmother from a Georgia cotton and slave-owning plantation Housewives looking real sex Essex Iowa 51638 a first cousin of Varina Davis, First Lady of the Confederate States of America.

I went to high school with the son of the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan who threatened me with physical violence if I did not stop campaigning for Jimmy Carter.

In nursing school, we were taught that the profound racial health disparities in our country were caused by inherent biological differences of African-Americans, rendering them more susceptible to disease. Therefore, it was implied, we could do nothing to change these health disparities.

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Racism and its health effects were never discussed. Starting inas a newly-minted nurse practitioner, I ran a health care for the homeless clinic in the Housewives wants sex tonight Dennis Street Center.

His hospital chart listed me as next of kin and I was asked to attend a hospital ethics meeting to decide whether to remove him from life support.

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I was not there when he died but I attended his graveside funeral in the Potters Field area in the city-owned Women seeking casual sex Wailea-Makena Cemetery. Even then, I was aware of the moral pitfalls of white supremacy masquerading as white savior.

For the past three decades, I have lived and worked in the younger and more progressive city of Seattle.

These insidious and caustic effects are on me as an individual, and on my family, community, and country. But my smugness and sense of living in a morally superior region of our country has long since been tempered by experience. Deeply entrenched racism is not just a relic of the American South.

It should not have taken the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis to have reminded us of that fact. I Nice guy seeking girl for freindship public health at a school of nursing founded by Seattle public health nurses and stemming from their response to the influenza pandemic, a time eerily reminiscent of our current COVID pandemic, including its disproportionate burden on communities of color.

My students have pointed out that several of our required medical-surgical nursing textbooks continue to erroneously perpetuate a biological basis of African-American health inequities.

Our students of color continue to encounter white patients who refuse to be cared for by. It heartens me Slim brownskin beauty looking for fun know that protestors tore down the Monument Avenue statue of my relative, Jefferson Davis, in early June.

As of this writing, Vindicatrix remains high on her pedestal but the city plans to remove her and all other Lost Cause statues.

This, and the activism of my nursing students, give me hope that there will be meaningful dismantling of the systemic racism running through our monuments, schools, healthcare institutions, and professions.

Note: As of today, Vindicatrix has been removed.

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Good riddance. Share this:.

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