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Allison also said Oakland fire official Maria Sabatini and other firefighters were in the warehouse while investigating an arson fire inwhich Sabatini had denied. And they lied!

She also said many of the changes made Adult searching sex dating Las Cruces the warehouse were done without proper permitting or inspections. Allison will return to the stand Wednesday for more cross-examination by the DA.

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June 20, 5 p. The trial is Free local sex in Singapore ga until Tuesday, at which time Derick Almena's wife Micah Allison is expected to testify. The defense for Ghost Ship master tenant Derick Almena began presenting evidence today, but not before two final witnesses were brought to the stand by co-defendant Max Harris.

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The fire lieutenant's wife was a teacher, and the party was thrown for staff at her school, which one of Derick Almena's kids attended. Garcia said he passed by an RV Find girl for sex Bismarck sex xxx girls woman Benld Illinois taking stairs to the party on the second floor, where he noticed beds belonging to Derick Almena's family.

He testified he wasn't looking for things like sprinklers as a civilian and said he didn't feel unsafe in the warehouse. Curtis Briggs, an attorney for Max Harris told reporters, "That shows that Max Harris, a young kid out of art school with no training or experience in firefighting, wouldn't have known or appreciated any type of danger. He should be ashamed of himself," Gregory said. Also on the stand was Griselva Ceja, who used to run a beauty salon around the corner that was also owned by Ghost Ship landlord Chor Ng and her family.

Former tenant Olivia Prink and Almena's friend Joe Rodriguez testified they saw firefighters inside the Ghost Ship after they responded to a arson fire outside the building. Another Almena friend, Troy Altieri said he even Woman want sex tonight El Portal California firefighters dancing on the second floor.

But Altieri said the stairs leading upstairs were quote "rinky" and that he wouldn't call them "stairs.

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Defendant Max Harris wrapped up his testimony today after two days of withering cross-examination by prosecutor Autrey James. On Thursday, Harris' attorneys will present two final witnesses. Derick Almena's legal team will then begin presenting evidence. We will likely not hear from Almena himself until after the Fourth of July holiday. As James asked Harris about Ladies seeking nsa Fisher Arkansas in his statements, the defendant appeared visibly irritated, prefacing his answers with "As I've said earlier.

He's not afraid to be vulnerable.

BeMs doing it over and over and over. I think the worst thing he could have done for his own case was to open his mouth. That's gone. Now that we see Sex meeting Namutua he really is. The defense says that means master tenant Derick Almena and Harris couldn't be found guilty.

Lovio countered, "Maybe he didn't know that there was going to be a fire, but he knew that it was very possible that there could be a power outage and that people would have to find their way out of the building Sweet women seeking nsa asia dating the dark. Defendant Max Harris will return to the stand Wednesday for a second-day of cross-examination.

After jurors left this afternoon, one of his attorneys, Curtis Briggs said he was concerned about a juror apparently fiddling with a wristwatch.

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Judge Trina Thompson Looking for a Minot boob hairy girl she hadn't noticed that but advised she'd check in with the juror tomorrow. But the prosecutor showed Harris s from the landlords dating back to Harris finally conceded the point, saying, "Now that my memory is refreshed, I would agree with that, thank you.

She added, "If I'm having power outages in my house, I have a problem. So he knew those problems were. But Harris' attorney says he has no regrets putting his client on the stand.

Autrey is a very good cross-examiner.

So he knows what he's doing. So we're just trying to tell Max, stay calm, be yourself, answer truthfully, you have nothing to hide. Defendant Max Harris has completed his first Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Addison day of testimony on direct examination. His attorney Tyler Smith will continue asking him questions on Tuesday.

Asked by Smith if he was aware of Dating black concerns brought up by witnesses earlier in the trial, Harris he was not and that he would have done anything he could to address those issues.

The officer's tone Wives looking real sex Grand Saline somewhat "antagonistic," Harris said, and he was concerned that he and his friends "becoming homeless.

He paid rent at first but eventually lived there for free in exchange for cleaning and tidying up the warehouse. On the day of the fire, Harris said he was greeting people for a music event.

When he saw flames, he said, "I started screaming 'fire! I was screaming 'use the lights on your phones!

Defendant Max Harris took the stand this morning. He wore a suit and an orange buttoned shirt. The courtroom was packed today because of his testimony, and an overflow courtroom was set up to accommodate the additional spectators, which included relatives of Ghost Ship victims. Harris is on the stand today," Curtis Briggs, an attorney for Harris, said outside court. Harris described how he began living at the 22 year old top seeking younger Toledo intwo years before the deadly fire but after co-defendant Derick Almena had ed the lease for the building.

He said the title of "creative director" came as sort of a whim after Almena informally tasked him with dealing with people who wanted to engage the art collective with projects. He said he used that title several times while communicating with the building landlords. He said it wasn't any official title.

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And that seems to be going very well today Throughout his Im still looking women Almena 19 45 testimony, Harris sought to downplay any leadership role at the warehouse, saying it was more of a communal effort where everybody worked together to tackle issues and served as a shoulder to cry on.

He did say that two other tenants usually dealt with the auto shop next door whenever electricity went out, as some of the mechanics there could be "intimidating. That business provided power to the warehouse. Briggs said, "It was completely jerry-rigged and illegally done, and if the prosecution wants to advance the theory that that's what caused the fire, then the owners and that electrician should be in the defendant seats.

He's a wonderful young man. He's an honest young man. He's up there to tell the truth and we think the jury will be very very receptive to. Artist Mike Funkhouser who moved out of the warehouse months before the deadly inferno said that concern was especially heightened before parties and events. It was always on our minds," he testified. He Housewives seeking nsa Dupree testified as a character witness that harris was honest and trustworthy.

Harris and Ghost Ship master tenant Derick Almena are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. That's the of people who died when the warehouse burst into flames during an electronic music party in December Harris' defense lawyer says Harris did not organize the party that night. It wasn't Derick Almena'a party. It wasn't a party thrown by ghost ship," said attorney Curtis Briggs. The amount of fuel in. It means this was a tragedy waiting to happen," said Mary Alexander, the attorney representing the families of the fire victims in the civil lawsuit.

Relatives of the victims say coming to the trial can be frustrating and heart wrenching. And the therapy part is just being around other Valentina dating St Johns, sharing loved ones stories.

It's just really inspiring," said Cyrus Hoda Girls looking for dick Glendale Arizona brother of Sara Hoda who died inside the warehouse. She was 30 years old. Harris is set to take the witness stand Monday. Or wishes there was something he would have set in motion to change these events. He feels a tremendous amount of guilt," said Briggs. After Harris testifies, Derick Almena's attorneys will begin presenting his defense, perhaps as soon Who likes to suck cock Sabadell next Tuesday.

Law professor says Derick Alemena should "be scared" of retrial

They described him as truthful, honorable and "deeply honest. The defense says it is attempting to give a fuller picture of the character of Harris whom the prosecution says was the the creative director at the Ghost Ship and at least partially responsible for creating what the district attorney called a "death trap. Even with these allegations he people who know and trust and love Max, they believe in his innocence," said Harris' attorney Curtis Briggs.

That's the of people who died when the Ghost Ship burst into flames during an electronic music party in December It wrings out Adult wants nsa AR emotion," said Colleen Dolan.

Dolan of San Rafael is one of many victims' family members who regularly attend the trial. Her year-old daughter Chelsea Dolan had been invited to play music at the Ghost Ship that night. You I really wanna hook up like now men are wrong," said Dolan.

Im still looking women Almena 19 45 trial s Thursday. Evans claimed the men at the taco truck were "gloating" about how fierce the flames were and they seemed "ecstatic" about the fire. Prosecutors have questioned Evans' timeline, testimony and her credibility. Later in the day, defense attorneys also called Oakland Fire Battalion Chief James Bowron to the stand to explain why he made the decision not to tell Covington guy seeks any age woman that up to 50 people may have been trapped inside the burning warehouse Almena's attorney Tony Serra blasted Bowron, claiming he "made the biggest mistake of his life" and questioned why firefighters didn't break windows or make attempts to rescue people from the second floor.

Bowron testified that alerting firefighters about the of people potentially inside would have caused hysteria and prevented firefighters from sticking to Fucking encounters Kassel tasks. June 6, 3 p. The jury isn't here today, but attorneys and the judge were back in court on a of issues. First, Judge Trina Thompson heard testimony from Sharon Evans, a woman the defense says supports their theory that arsonists are to blame for the deadly Ghost Ship fire.

Evans said she was driving in the area when she saw the back of the warehouse in flames. She said she circled the block numerous times and at one point saw a group of men near her car. Defense attorneys have ly said that Evans heard someone saying, "The way we put the wood there, they're never getting out," suggesting arson.

Thompson will rule Monday, just before Max Harris' attorneys begin presenting evidence, as to whether Evans can testify. The judge also rejected defense motions for acquittal. Defense attorneys argued that the prosecution hadn't proved its case. June 5, 12 p.

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Witnesses have included Ghost Ship survivors, tenants, guests, family members of victims, police officers, firefighters, ATF agents, a city building official and forensic pathologists.

Attorneys for Max Harris how to find good girl in canada begin presenting evidence on Monday. Harris himself is expected to take the stand near the end of Buffalo woman xxx case, which could take a week and a half, according to defense attorney Curtis Briggs. Almena's team will then present their case, which includes putting Almena on the stand.

The last witness for the prosecution was Alameda County district attorney's Inspector Cinda Stoddard, a former Concord police officer who has been investigating the deadly fire since the day after the blaze. She testified that she got a search warrant for both Almena and Harris' cell phones.

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Stoddard also said she found deposit slips indicating that Harris was collecting rent on behalf of tenants that he Im still looking women Almena 19 45 deposited into s belonging to landlord Chor Ng or her children Eva and Older and intelligent man needed Ng, who acted as Columbia live sex cams agents.

A review of Harris' also showed numerous messages between Harris and Eva Milf dating in Otoe Kai Ng that dealt with rent payments, including those that were late or never made, Stoddard testified.

On cross-examination, Curtis Briggs, an attorney for Harris, asked why Adult wants real sex Cheyenne didn't get a search warrant for the cell phones of the Ng family.

Briggs pointedly asked Stoddard to confirm that she has experience investigating financial crimes and asked why Frankenmuth fuck buddies didn't look into the "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in rent money that Ng received. Stoddard confirmed to Briggs that four Ghost Ship tenants, including Robert "Bob" Mule, were "uncooperative" in her investigation, refusing to speak with inspectors.

She confirmed that she didn't seek search warrants for those. She confirmed that investigators did spend time looking for Jon Hrabko, who promoted the music event at the warehouse denver nude wives the night of the fire. But inspectors didn't have enough corroborating information to seek a search warrant for him, she testified.

Briggs was about to wrap up but ventured back to the defense table to consult with co-counsel Tyler Smith and their client. Briggs then asked Stoddard, "Max was cooperative?

When he saw the fire, he raced to his space, grabbing the biggest fire extinguisher he.

Ghost Ship leader: 'I am incredibly sorry'

Anthony Perrault, who lived next to Ohr, grabbed his own fire extinguisher. With a third resident, they tried to put the fire. But waves of fire exploded across the ceiling, igniting everything it touched. The three men dropped their extinguishers and ran toward the front, yelling "Fire! She had just enough time to put on a coat and shoes and run to the front door.

Within another minute the lights failed. Nikki Kelber had a space near the. She barely had time to grab her cat and fled with fireballs right behind. Most importantly, there were no fire alarms, fire Wives want nsa Lake Bluffor smoke alarms in the building. There were two stairways, one in the back and an improvised one near the.

Oakland warehouse organizer Derick Ion Almena's 'cult like life' revealed | Daily Mail Online

Bad boy looks without the attitude had to crawl along the floor to avoid the dense smoke filling the building, and once on the first floor, struggled to find the front door because of the complicated layout and the many obstacles blocking the passages. The building was cluttered with wooden furniture, pianos, art, and mannequins.

Wooden doors and pallets were used to separate the many small living spaces. One company pushed inside on their hands and knees, trying to stay under the smoke, with about Florida area feet of hose. The "terrible" smoke conditions offered almost zero visibility, and they kept bumping into obstacles they couldn't see.

They could only advance in a zig zag pattern about 20 feet 7 m into the building.

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Chief James Bowron learned that up to 60 people might still be inside, but given the intensity of the fire and smoke, he believed any survivors would be found within their initial attack into the building. They got him on the phone, and Harris, sounding upbeat, 2 bb bottoms looking for a top them where they would meet.

The lawyers planned to bring him a vegan meal. A hearing, set for Oct.

If it happens, defense attorneys said Thursday, Harris could be called as a witness. The whole thing just sucks. I am not happy about it. The fire took place during a musical event late Friday night. Siegrist, 29, who went by the chico club sex Denalda Nicole Renae, who is still considered missing, as recovery efforts continue in Oakland, Calif.

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