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Print This article originally appeared in RS Sex hook ups post Reno November 12, Not a member? Since they had returned from fighting in Iraq, where they had seen some of the bloodiest action of the war, nights like this had become common.

There are more than 50 bars in downtown Colorado Springs, and on some nights thousands of people, many of them troops from nearby Fort Carson, pour out onto the streets after last call, looking for trouble. A computer geek and EverQuest enthusiast, Shields had been shipped home after suffering multiple concussions in Iraq.

At a downtown bar, Shields ran into the three soldiers from Charlie Company and quickly ingratiated himself by buying everyone rounds of drinks.

Lady wants sex CO Fort carson 80913

Now, as Bastien steered his car through the middle-class neighborhood of Westside, just beyond the foothills of Looking for bff and more Rocky Mountains, Bressler began to throw up.

What a pussy! It was one thing for Bastien and Eastridge to hassle. One bullet lodged in the base of his skull and severed his brain stem. At first, investigators assumed the case was closed — until one of them, pursuing a hunch, learned that the Naughty ladies wants real sex Brockton soldiers were responsible for a string of violent crimes that year in the area surrounding Fort Carson.

On July 28th, Bastien and Bressler had fired three shots at a man walking to get gas for his truck, hitting him once in the shoulder. A week Black sex Laramie, on August 4th, they executed Robert James, a fellow private from Fort Carson, as he begged for his life in a parking lot.

On October 27th, Bressler ran over a year-old nursing student in his Suzuki; Bastien then stabbed her six times with a combat knife. A Bbw women in Breda shooting in which no one was hurt rounded out the charges.

Lady wants sex CO Fort carson 80913

Before Kevin Shields was gunned down, at least three other Iraq War veterans from the base had been arrested for murder, and a fourth had committed suicide after killing his wife. Since then, at least five more GIs at Fort Carson have been arrested in connection with murders, Douds-IA horny housewife murders or manslaughter.

All told, the military Women want nsa Paauhau Hawaii this summer, 14 soldiers from the base have been charged or convicted in at least 11 slayings since — the largest killing spree involving soldiers at a single U. Spurred by public outrage, the Army conducted a six-month study into the Fort Carson killings, examining the medical and combat histories of the 14 accused soldiers.

Like Bressler, nine of the vets served in the 4th Brigade Combat Team, which suffered a casualty rate in Iraq eight times higher than other Fort Carson units.

Mark Graham told me before stepping down as commander of Fort Carson in August. Lock them up?

Lady wants sex CO Fort carson 80913

What you have to do is watch their behavior. Soldiers suffering from serious delusions were often sent off with a handful of pills and never returned for additional treatment. Both boys idolized their father, a car salesman who had been a Marine in Vietnam.

Believing that fighting builds character, Housewives seeking hot sex OR Powers 97466 also encouraged them to settle their disputes with their fists. He dropped out of high school and tried his hand selling cars — but quit after six months and eventually ed the Army. He thrived on the order and precision of the military, and proved himself to be a top marksman. For Bressler, though, the worst moment came in Januarywhen his father died of skin cancer.

He had been granted an emergency leave to visit his dad in North Carolina a month earlier, but now, unable to return home for the funeral, Bressler was so distraught he considered going AWOL. That August, when Bressler returned home from his first tour, he seemed changed for the better. Being Lady wants sex CO Fort carson 80913 soldier just clicked with. Tira even liked his friends, guys like Matt Baylis, an affable young private from Long Island whom Bressler had taken under his wing.

Though Bressler tried to shrug off the combat he saw in Iraq, he began to exhibit disturbing behavior that only worsened as his second deployment Horny sexy girls in Cicero IL near. This time Hot housewives want casual sex Lexington his unit was deployed to Dora, a ghost town of mud and trash and weeds in southwest Baghdad.

Once a prosperous neighborhood that had been home to Sunni, Shiite and Christian families, it had been destroyed by the civil war that erupted in the spring of That summer, insurgent activity in the area had become so intense — Iraqis were killed in Dora during a single week in July — that soldiers say the Army brigade in charge of the neighborhood quit running patrols through most of it.

Bressler arrived in Octobera few months before the start of the surge.

Instead of hiding makeshift bombs under mounds of dirt, where they could be easily detected, Iraqi insurgents were now burying them deep beneath the ro. It was the single deadliest attack of the war for soldiers from Fort Carson. By that Local dating Kenton DE, with its yearlong tour extended by another three months, Charlie Company was starting to fall apart.

Two platoons — about 60 men — were running through hundreds of Army-issued sleeping pills every week, according to company medics. Bressler would call his wife, freaking.

However fucked up it was, he considered the Army home. Frank Stepleton. There were snipers. Suddenly, two men toward the rear of the unit were hit with rounds from a high-powered SK machine gun. Bressler was devastated — and angry.

The Fort Carson Murder Spree - Rolling Stone

He kept having the same nightmare, night after night: Baylis standing alone in an empty green tent in the middle of the desert. And each time, Baylis asks him why. He was soon diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder — and sent on his way with a pocketful of antidepressants and a sleeping medication called Remeron.

Like he was just gone. He wanted to find the guy and fuck him up. He approached his sergeant and told him that something was Looking for k t wrong.

Screaming and yelling, he threw a punch at the sergeant before several soldiers rushed in and tackled. He was zip-cuffed, confined to the medical clinic on base for several days, then medevaced to an Single woman looking hot sex Bathurst hospital in Germany.

In Junehe was sent home to Fort Carson, where Tira picked him up at the airport. For the next few weeks he holed up in their one-bedroom apartment, unable to do much more than sleep and eat. Tira would return from work and find him sitting on the couch, staring into space. In an attempt to Girl feet fetish him out of the house one afternoon, she took Adult seeking xxx dating Mesa to Walmart, but the crowds sent him into a panic, and he rushed out of the store.

MISSING: Colorado Springs woman, mom pleads for help from Hong Kong

By the time Bressler was ordered to report to the hospital at Fort Carson in June, mental-health casualties had begun pouring into the base from the war. Wounded veterans often waited three hours for a minute visit with doctors, who invariably prescribed the antidepressant Zoloft.

Despite his condition, Bressler hoped to re his unit in Iraq. But only three days after he arrived at Fort Carson, during his first psychiatric visit, the doctor informed him that he was being processed out of the Army.

Stephen Knorr, the then-chief of mental health at Evans, had instructed the staff to discharge vets suffering from mental injuries as quickly as possible. Troubled soldiers bring down platoons, Knorr believed, and units should not be left short of manpower while Housewives wants sex IL Loda 60948 for seriously ill soldiers to receive treatment.

But he refused to talk about the war Wife looking sex tonight MI Metamora 48455 his psychiatrist, an Army officer who had never seen combat. One minute he had been in Iraq, surrounded by men he considered brothers; the next he was back at home, drugged up and with nothing to.

How are they going to handle that?

But it was all an act. Bastien grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, a wealthy suburb north of New York. His father, a computer expert at a small liberal-arts college, shipped him elaborate care packages in Iraq, including a set of 1,thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets that Bastien lovingly wrapped around the ratty foam chunks that soldiers picked up off the street and used as mattresses.

Once, he patched up a sergeant while sitting on his wounded leg. Housewives want nsa FL Clearwater 34619

Looking to spend some fun time Michael Cardenaz, who served in Charlie Company. That spring, Bastien hatched a plan to get shipped home early: He would get injured in a way that would make it impossible for him to work as a medic.

On a late-night patrol, he snuck off into a field with Eastridge, who was known as the best shot in all of Charlie Company. Eastridge steadied a.

Bastien came back to the barracks laughing about it. Though the charge was later dropped, it kept him from returning Sacramento girls naked battle.

Lady wants sex CO Fort carson 80913

Other than a love for Halo, Bressler and Bastien had Local sluts Houston Texas al in common. But now, unable to re his buddies, Bressler was desperate to hang out with anyone he could connect with over Iraq.

Horny Melbourne sexting

He stopped going to his weekly required appointments with his psychiatrist — but, according to Bressler, no one from the base bothered Sexy want sex Warren follow up with. I thought he was kidding. Bressler, the guy who once played the mediator, calming his fellow soldiers, was now acting like some kind of badass.

His rage became obsessive, only intensified by drugs, alcohol and little, if any, sleep. One of the defining elements of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is wide-scale sleep deprivation, which can last for months after soldiers return home — particularly for those who suffer from PTSD.

A lot of the bad behavior — the violence, the anger — is due to the shutting down of the frontal lobe. Adult personals american Brownstown Illinois alcohol, and they become functionally sociopathic. Then, around 3 a. She told them a group of men had chased her home. Near the entrance to the apartment complex, they pulled up next to the first guy they saw, Matthew Orrenmaa, a fellow soldier who was Housewives wants real sex Parkers lake Kentucky 42634 his way to get gas for his truck.

Pulling a. As Bastien slammed his foot on the gas, Bressler, according to police, squeezed off two more rounds, wounding Orrenmaa in the shoulder. At a stoplight, they came across a drunken young soldier named Robert James, who explained that he had gotten lost trying to get back to Fort Carson. Bressler and Bastien offered to give him a ride. Before long, they were driving through Broadmoor, an upscale neighborhood of Colorado Springs. As they rolled along the winding streets, Bastien blasted Disturbed and Slaves on Dope while Bressler lit up a t.

According to police, Bressler then shot James point-blank in the neck. After James fell, Bressler stood over the body and emptied three more bullets into his face and neck.