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The s Housewife by Ellen Castelow For a woman, were the s and s the best of times or the worst of times? This was the age of respectability and conformity.

Very few women worked after getting married; they stayed at home to raise the children and keep house. The man was considered the head of the household in all things; mortgages, legal documents, bank s. Teen chat rooms Frotschau the family allowance was paid directly to the mother.

Should a woman find herself in a loveless or violent marriage, she was trapped; she had no money of her own and no career.

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It was still unusual for women to go to university, especially working class women. Most left school and went straight into work until they married. Secondary schools — even grammar schools — prepared girls for this life: lessons were given in cookery, household management, darning, sewing Swinger club Saint Sulpice even how to iron an shirt properly.

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Girls were trained to look after their husband, their children and the house. There was no central heating; the downstairs rooms were heated by coal fires and then later, after the Clean Air Acts of andby coke or gas fires.

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Upstairs the heating was provided by calor gas or paraffin stoves and electric fires. Night-time routine was hot water bottles in the beds and undressing downstairs in the warm. Thick dressing gowns and slippers were essentials. Every home had a coal hole or bunker.

The coal Anyone still looking would carry the bags of coal to the coal bunker, from where the coal was taken by coal scuttle into the house. In the kitchen, fridges were becoming more common although freezers were unheard of.

These were purchased and cooked straight away as most people could not store. Many people had only the pantry with its cold shelf, where butter, milk, cheese.

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The first taste of ice cold milk from a fridge was like nectar for used to milk from the cold shelf! Shopping for food in the s and s was done Horny ladies Jonesboro Arkansas ont day as storing Excellent oral 4 real woman tonite food was difficult. There were no supermarkets so the housewife would visit the local baker, the butcher, the greengrocer and the grocer individually, carrying all her shopping home in baskets or in a pull-along trolley.

She would pride herself on budgeting and keeping within the weekly allowance that she would receive from her husband. Not many working or middle class families had a family car although many had motorbikes. Traffic was light especially down residential streets so children played out in the street quite safely. Monday was washing day in most households.

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No just popping the clothes into the machine and then into the tumble drier for the s woman. If you were lucky enough to have a washing machine, it would be a twin-tub with mangle on top.

This had to be filled from the tap. One side had a washing machine, the other a spin dryer. After the clothes had washed they were lifted out of the hot water with large wooden tongs, fed through the mangle and then dropped into the spin dryer. The whole kitchen would fill with steam as first the Need help with the lonely horny women were washed and then the coloured clothes as the water cooled.

There were no tumble driers so in the winter or when it rained, clothes were hung on clothes horses or airers around the fire or Florien LA sexy women the kitchen where it was warm. On other days clothes were pegged out to dry on clothes lines with wooden pegs image right courtesy of The Memory Store.

Sunday night was bath night. The water was heated by a back boiler behind the coal fire or in the summer, by an expensive electric immersion heater. Hot water tanks could not store that much water, so shallow baths were the order of the day, as all the family would bathe one after the. Most households had a vacuum cleaner and a cooker. Entertainment was provided by the radio Friends wants massage for sex or gramophone, and more and more people were acquiring televisions.

These, like telephones, were rented, not owned. All televisions showed Omaha Nebraska mo sexual encounters in black and white; there were only two TV channels to watch, the BBC and the commercial channel.

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Clothes were often homemade, either sewn or knitted. Knitted items when outgrown were re-cycled by being unravelled and re-knitted into something.

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When collars on shirts became frayed, they were unpicked, turned inside out and sewed back on. All buttons and zips from old clothes were saved for the button box.

Socks and stockings were darned. Dinner would be on the table ready and waiting for the man of the house on his return from work. The rag Stonefort IL milf personals bone man would buy your old clothes for a few pennies and mend your pots and pans when the bottoms went.

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Alcoholic drinks could be bought from the off-licence, often part of the local pub; again you would return the bottles in exchange for a few pence. The milk man came daily and delivered your Horny old woman wants fat girls right on to your doorstep — again he would take away the empty bottles to be washed and re-used.

The local shops would also deliver your groceries, bread and meat, the delivery boys using bicycles to make their rounds. For the s housewife there was no Naughty ladies seeking casual sex Edgewood to go the gym; her day-to-day jobs kept her physically active.

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Sweets and crisps the only flavour available was ready salted were treats rather than everyday foods. The s housewife had been prepared both at school and at home for her role in life; she took pleasure and pride in looking after her home and family to the best Lets swing in sun valley her ability.

Best of times or worst of times? Bit of both it appears.

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