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Main cast[ edit ] J. We learned Looking for me 24 the 11th episode that he is the widower of Granny's daughter, Rose Ellen, even though Buddy Ebsen is only 6 years younger than Irene Ryan.

He is the son of Luke Clampett and his wife, and has a sister women wants hot sex clinton oklahoma Myrtle. Jed is a good-natured man and the head of the family. The huge oil pool in the swamp he owned was the beginning of his rags-to-riches journey to Beverly Hills. He is usually the straight man to Granny and Jethro's antics.

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His catchphrase is, "Welllllll, doggie! Granny[ edit ] Daisy May Moses Irene Ryan in all episodescalled "Granny" by all, is Jed's mother-in-law and therefore often called "Granny Clampett" in spite of her last. She has an abrasive personality and is quick to anger, but Erotic chat Gomdiri often overruled by Jed.

She is a devout Confederate and fancies herself a Baptist Christian " dunkednot sprinkled " with forgiveness in her heart. A self-styled "M.

Paul Henning discarded the idea of making Granny Jed's mother, which would have changed the show's dynamics, making Granny the matriarch and Jed her subordinate. Elly May Clampett[ edit ] Elly May Donna Douglas Completely free online dating all episodesthe only child of Jed and Rose Ellen Clampett, is a mountain beauty with the body of a pin-up girl and the soul of a tomboy.

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She can throw a fastball as well as Horny women in east Des Moines Iowa wrassle " most men to a Rugby ohio nsa fwb, and she can be as tender with her friends, animals, and family as she is tough with anyone she wrassles.

She says once that animals can be better companions than people, but as she grows older, she allows that, "fellas kin be more fun than critters. In the TV movie, Elly May is the head of a zoo. Elly is a terrible cook. Family members cringe whenever, for plot reasons, Elly takes over the kitchen. Pearl's mother and Jed's father were siblings.

The others boast of Jethro's "sixth-grade education", but he Santa Fe girl fuck ignorant about nearly every aspect of modern California life. In one episode, he decides to go to college.

He enrolls late in the semester at a local secretarial school and "earns" his diploma by the end of the day because he is so disruptive. This was an ironic in-joke — in real life, Max Baer Jr. He once deliberated over becoming a brain surgeon or a fry cook.

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His other ambitions included being a millwright, street car conductor, "double-naught" spytelephone lineman, soda jerkchauffeurUSAF general, sculptor, restaurant owner with Granny's cookingpsychiatrist, and once as a bookkeeper for Milburn Drysdale's bank; an agent for "cousin" Bessie and "Cousin Roy" see below ; Hollywood producer a studio flunky remarks Jethro has the "right qualifications" for being a producer : a sixth-grade education and an uncle who owns the studio; this in-joke gag as a movie producer was replayed in the movie.

More often than not, his overall goal in these endeavors is to meet pretty girls. He only manages to gain but is oblivious to the affections of the plain Miss Jane Hathaway.

Of all the Clampett clan, he is the most eager to embrace city life. A running gag is that Jethro is known as the "six-foot stomach" for his huge appetite: in one episode, he M train hewes Hatfield beautiful girl a jetliner's entire supply of steaks; in another, Jethro tries to set himself up as a Hollywood agent for Locals wanting sex Trieste "Bessie" the chimpanzee — with a fee of 10, bananas for Bessie and 1, for.

Jethro does not appear in the third- or second-to-last episodes, but Baer remains billed in the title credits. With the January Beautiful couples searching hot sex Spokane Washington of Donna Douglas, Baer is the only surviving main cast member.

Drysdale will do everything he can to cater to their every wish. He often forces others, especially his long-suffering secretary, to help fulfill their outlandish requests. Jane Hathaway Nancy Kulp in episodeswhom the Clampetts address as Miss Jane, Fuck buddy 23901 co Drysdale's loyal, highly educated and efficient secretary. Though she reluctantly carries out his wishes, she is genuinely fond of the family and tries to shield them from her boss's greed.

Miss Hathaway frequently has to "rescue" Drysdale from his schemes, receiving little or no thanks for her efforts.

The Clampetts consider her family; even Granny, the one deadest-set against living in California, likes her very. Jane harbors something of a crush on Jethro for Interracial xxxtreme for single white female of the series' run.

M train hewes Hatfield beautiful girl

MacGibbon ; 55 episodes in —69 is a blue-blooded Bostonian who traces her family back to the Mayflower Find girls to fuck in Newark has obvious disdain for the "peasant" and "dreadful" hillbillies, especially Granny, with whom she occasionally has "scraps". Sonny Drysdale Louis Nye is Milburn's Looking for another woman wrestling fun introduced as a year-old collegian who does not believe in working up a sweat and is a spoiled mama's boy.

Once on a date, Sonny keeps Elly May out until after dark without proposing, running afoul of the old mountain courting code almost causing a feud. Elly May later and literally tosses. Sonny only appears in four episodes, three in and a final appearance in Pearl Bodine Bea Benaderet ; 22 episodes in season 1 is Jed's widowed cousin.

Pearl is a generally well-meaning mother to Jethro. She was also a popular character, often used as a foil for Granny, and became a regular part-way through the first season the end credits were even refilmed to include Pearl with the other family members.

The character disappeared after the first year because Benaderet had become the star of another Paul Henning series, Petticoat I really wanna hook up like now. She is the daughter of Amos Clampett, Jed's uncle. Eugene Twombley, with whom Pearl is enamored; Benaderet's real-life husband was named Eugene Twombly.

In season six, she makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Greetings from the President". Jethrine Bodine played by Baer, but voiced by Linda Kaye Henning ; 11 episodes in season 1 : Jethrine is Pearl's king-sized daughter and Jethro's twin.

Jethrine appears in the first season; she moves with her mother to the Clampett mansion later that season, but occasionally is not seen in episodes during her stay in California.

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Jethrine is upset to leave the Looking for Burlington chested hottie as it means separation from her "sweetie", traveling salesman Jasper "Jazzbo" Depew played by Phil Gordon in many episodes in the first series.

Late in the season, it was explained in an episode that Jethrine had returned home to marry Depew.

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Jethro and Jethrine rarely appeared in the same scene in any of the episodes, and then they were never on-camera at the same time, except for the rare back-of-the-head shot using a double. Jethrine also appears in the movie version. Honest John Shafer Phil Silvers ; 6 episodes is a sleazy confidence man who targets the Clampetts with various outrageous schemes such as selling Washington, D.

Although Honest John always succeeds in initially milking the Clampetts out of millions, nude women in sumter sc conscience always gets the better of him once he realizes that the Clampetts actually hold him Wanting a bisexual girl the highest esteem and treat him almost like family.

Dash Riprock Larry Pennell ; 10 episodes in seasons 3—7 is a handsome Hollywood actor employed by Jed's movie studio.

He and Elly May meet while she is working as an extra at the studio. The two have an on-and-off relationship. Riprock was a send-up of the blatantly fake screen names employed by a of movie actors of the period.

Lowell Redlings Farquhar Charles Ruggles ; three episodes in seasons 4 and 5 is the elderly father of Mrs. Granny Meet local singles PA Lundys lane 16401 him a potential beau.

Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs as themselves in seven episodes, Meet people to fuck in Ireland are longtime friends of the Clampetts "back home" Kimberling City, Missouriwho visit the Clampetts when they are on tour in California. The duo had a -one Billboard country single with the show's Horny wives from jalandhar Ballad of Jed Clampett" although the song is actually performed in the credits by Jerry Scoggins to Flatt and Scruggs' instrumental.

Actress Joi Lansing played Flatt's wife, Gladys, in five episodes, — The Clampetts are quite fond of him, and his wife occasionally visits them in California. Tate was later murdered by Charles Manson 's "family" just before the start of season 8.

Sam Drucker Frank Cady ; 10 episodes in —70 owns the general store in Hooterville.

Granny is constantly under the impression Sam wants to marry her, but Sam Lesbian sex partners in peoria il. Swinging. no such intention. Helen takes over Miss Hathaway's job as Ssbbw looking for sex. Drysdale's secretary after Miss Hathaway res.

She, along with many other secretaries, as well as Elly and Granny, live with Miss Hathaway for a short time in her apartment. Shorty Kellums Shug Fisher ; 17 episodes in seasons 8 and 9 is Jed's longtime buddy from back home, with whom Jed reunites in when the Clampetts go back home for an extended period.

Shorty is a wiry little man who is crazy about voluptuous girls half his age. Shorty later moves into the Clampett mansion in Beverly Hills for a. Elverna Brhaw Elvia Allman ; 13 episodes, —70 is Granny's longtime rival back in the hills, a gossip second to.

Referenced as early as episode 3, she makes a brief appearance in a episode when the Clampetts go back home to bring Pearl to California, but is not seen again untilwhen the Clampetts return for an extended visit. However, both Granny and Jed refer to the character in several episodes throughout the series' run. Elverna and Granny rekindle their feud in a match to see who will be the first to marry, Elverna's daughter or Elly May. For reasons not really explained, Elverna also moves into the Clampett Beverly Hills mansion during the same period Shorty does; both of them, however, Gobler mature sex not present for the final —71 season.

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Matthew and Mark Templeton brothers played by actor Roger Torreywho had auditioned for the part of Jethro; three episodes in season 8 as Matthew; 9 in season 9 as Mark Matthew is the preacher Granny tags as a prospective husband for Elly. Unfortunately, Granny learns Matthew is married. Just a year later back Discreet fun Fairport New York California, Elly meets Matthew's brother, Mark Templeton, who is a marine biologist and a frogmanwhom Granny believes is Beautiful ladies looking online dating Montgomery Alabama part frog.

The Mark Templeton storyline played out for nine episodes and was abruptly dropped, although advance publicity for the show indicated Elly May and Mark would marry during the season; however, the show was canceled at the end of that season as part of the CBS Rural Purge.

Cousin Roy Roy Clark ; three episodes in seasons 6 and 7 is the Clampetts' cousin, who comes to Hollywood as an aspiring country singer. Jethro turns down the chance to be his agent, only to have Cousin Roy actually succeed. In a similar story line, singer Pat Boone guest starred as himself; Jethro fails to be Boone's agent.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message The show's theme song" The Ballad of Jed Clampett ", was written by producer and writer Paul Henning and originally performed by bluegrass artists Flatt and Scruggs.

The song is sung by Jerry Scoggins backed by Flatt and Scruggs over the opening and end credits of each episode.

The Beverly Hillbillies - Wikipedia

Flatt and Scruggs subsequently cut their Wife seeking sex Orange Lake version of the theme with Flatt singing for Columbia Records ; released as a single, it reached 44 on Billboard Hot pop music chart and one on the Billboard Hot Country chart the lone country chart-topper for the duo. The six main cast members participated on a Columbia soundtrack album, which featured original song s in character.

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Additionally, Ebsen, Ryan, and Douglas each made a few solo recordings following the show's Married woman looking sex tonight Bellevue Washington, including Ryan's novelty single, "Granny's Miniskirt".

The series generally features no country music beyond the bluegrass banjo theme song, although country star Roy Clark and the team of Flatt and Scruggs occasionally play on the program. Pop singer Pat Boone appears in one episode as himself, under the premise that he hails from the same area of the country as the Clampetts, although Boone is a native of Jacksonville, Florida.