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Straight up lonely

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I know the type of woman I like. I am not interested in married women or anyone emotionally unavailable. I am not a materialistic girl but of course i do like nice things.

Name: Carola
Age: 29
City: Wyckoff, Sanborn County, Perdue Hill
Hair: Red
Relation Type: Mwm Seeking To Have Affair With Mwf
Seeking: Search For A Man
Relationship Status: Not important

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The characters in this minor but often very funny sideways Lady wants casual sex Mountainair talk at each other in sardonic, hyperliterate bullets of cleverness, riffing on cultural references in an effort to lift themselves out of their funk. Can this relationship work? Of course not.

But watching these two smart people outsmart themselves and each other has its modest yet Straight up lonely pleasures, not to mention an undercurrent of melancholy that makes the laughs stick to the ribs. The camerawork and editing are crisp, if tentative; Sweeney uses off-center framing to droll effect without quite establishing a style of his. Sweeney delivers his lines in rapid-fire bursts that betray a tightly-wound wit trying not to Miami Florida sluts looking for cock, and the way Findlay volleys back his bon mots guarantees that, on some level, Todd and Rory are perfect for each.

With movie theaters shuttered and the studios keeping their franchise blockbusters on ice rather than risk the wrath of multiplex chains by releasing them to video-on-demandthe James Sweeneys of the world benefit, and so do we.

Arguing about Alanis Morissette with your gay boyfriend.

Starring James Sweeney, Katie Findlay. Available for virtual screening at Coolidge. Unrated as R: language, deadpan sex talk Ty Burr can be reached at ty.

Follow him on Twitter tyburr. Boston Globe video.