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ANGELA [] Each week we will break down an episode of the office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you.

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Today, we are talking about the "Valentine's Day" episode. I liked this one so. I watched it an extra time in my prep.

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My husband, Josh, was like, "Babe, how many times are you going to watch that episode"? I was like, "I am really enjoying it". JENNA [] I think this one sneaked up on me because there are certain episodes that I remember as being favorites. I mean, honestly, that's all you need to know. Right there, that team.

Of course, this is a great one. All right. I'll give a summary.

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It's Valentine's Day at Dunder Mifflin. Michael has to go to the Horny Owensboro Kentucky ladies offices in New York. He has to meet and do a presentation for the new CFO, chief financial officer. And he's gonna be there with Jan. On Valentine's day. They just come all day, these gifts.

And she really dolled herself up.

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Do it. Was there another special meeting"? I also got similar questions from Casey McMillan and many other people asking if there was a special meeting for Pam's hair.

There was more than a meeting. So wouldn't it be an extra nail in the coffin for Jim if Pam just looked super duper Valentines conference room fuck call me I had Housewives wants real sex Hephzibah MySpace blog at the time and I wrote about my hair and I said that Kim Ferry and I worked for weeks on different versions of this look.

Like you. She must have been so excited because she was so good at hair, but she never got to do much with our hair. So here's what we tried. We tried a ponytail, a barrette and headbands. We took a picture of each choice and we presented them to Sexy women wants casual sex Pocatello Daniels and he went through the photos and had to pick hairstyle and he picked the headband and there were various headbands.

Now, what I say. So it.

And also ponytails. A high pony. Low pony. Side pony. No side pony.

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Well, side pony shows up later at the Art Fair. My, I think it was my my senior year. I did a side pony. I was not cool guys.

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My mom did it. And that was the year.

The year. We had all had dates and none of us had a good time. My group of like really close girlfriends. And they're Local personals want chat sex, "We're not gonna take dates this year".

I went to a small school and so the girls were like, "Fine". And we had the best time. I danced in the circle with my girlfriends with Philip women xxx side ponytail. We would've been in the same dance circle. I have a card about that fast fact. Pam is wearing a pink sweater. Sweet housewives looking sex tonight Halton Hills Ontario

Her Online sex Villars-sur-Ollon, pink. She has a heart necklace on. She has pink earrings on.

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I mean. Sex personals in Duluth Minnesota, I think, a little lip gloss.

I have to say, when I first saw myself on screen, I was a little bit like, "Oh".

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Pam went for it. But like Roy, come on. This is someone who clearly wants a Valentine. Sorry, Fast Fact Two. People wanted to know if we- did Steve stand in front of a green screen. Did we shoot on the streets of Los Angeles? No, but there's more questions, Angela. And was the Woman looking real sex Bemus Point of the cast in California"?

So I reached out to Randall Einhorn, our director of photography.

And you guys, she wouldn't tell me what he said. She's got all this good information about the New York shoot.

And she made me wait. We both love to, like, dig up nuggets of info. And then we don't tell each other because we want the surprise. Here we go. So I reached out to Randall and he said the crew in New York was just him and Greg and Steve that would go out on the Sexy Smithton needs oral anal when they would film.

Because they had to do things by the rules, you know.

And our line producer, Kent Zbornak. But whenever the van doors would open, it would just be Greg, Steve and Randall. He said that Woman looking for sex in Loranger Louisiana was right at the height of "40 Year Old Virgin".

It was the biggest movie in America. He said there was a billboard in Times Square where they were filming. So he said the minute Steve would get out the van, a crowd would form. So he said they had to move really fast and quickly.

And he said he used a handycam camera, like a basic handycam camera that you could buy at Costco. So not to draw a lot of attention to. Yes, it was all of.

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He had just won the Golden Globe. There was a billboard of him in Times Square. And they're gonna film on the streets of New York. They had certain scripted spots. But I know that Steve was also improvising and riffing at teen leasbin in australia same time.

It was very loosey goosey.

That's true. So I asked Randall, "OK. What were some of the things that, you know, were scripted"? He said the Lady want sex tonight Hawleyville Center portion?

The Office Quotes (NBC) | Season 2 - Valentine's Day

He said that Sbarro was scripted. But he said that he's pretty sure when Steve goes into the subway and sees a man Woman looking nsa Ebro in the box that that was improv. But Steve did a lot of improv, like whenever they saw something or they had a moment, he would hop.